Adult sanitary napkin machine

Product Introduction

Product structure:Topsheet,ADL(blue core layer),Carrier tissue,fluff pulp (mix with SAP)/SAP paper,back sheet,wings/back release paper.
Product size:Daytime: 240mm    Night use:285mm(customized design)

Product Details

Our sanitary napkins are affordable and are proudly made in China. They meet the performance standards of all expensive brand sanitary napkins, but they don't have a high price! The manufacture of sanitary napkins also takes into account a zero carbon footprint and uses only green electricity, thereby further helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Our sanitary napkins have a newly developed thin and highly absorbent core that can quickly absorb and lock moisture for up to 12 hours-ensuring that you stay dry during the day and night. The new super-elastic comfort closure provides the best freedom of movement, combined with a comfortable, ergonomic fit. The better grip ensures reliable maximum protection, even after re-fixing. The material used is super soft and fluffy, breathable and skin-friendly. The soft elastic leg sleeves and large-size safety leak-proof barrier protect you from excessive moisture.
Functions of the main machine:
1:High speed crusher: 450kgs/hour, can crush treated and untreated pulp.
2:Timing belts for driven system
3:Fluff pulp forming drum. It can produce both fluff pulp type and ultra-thin type sanitary napkins with quick-easy 
4:Main raw materials automatic tension controlling, automatic unwinding and splicing, auto rejection system 
forunqualified products, 3 sets auto web guider system. (used for surface nonwoven, PE film and air laid 
paper and tissue paper)
5: 5sets Web guider
6:waste raw materials collection device
7: It can be controlled remotely which is convenient for maintenance and solve programs problems.
8:Except glue, all the other raw materials have missing detection function, connection detection and auto 
rejection function.
9:SAP mixed with fluff pulp feeding device
10:Quick-easy inner packing type
11: One set touchable screen, switch on/off, running speed, time, counting pieces, parameter setting, alarm,
 error display, error enquiry (functions setting appear on screen are different according to different machine type).
12:Safety shield using aluminum alloy frame, toughened glass.
13:Glue applicator bridge structure set on the front of the machine.

Technical Parameters

60-80 m/min
380V 50HZ
Machine Weight
Machine size
11300*2500*2400mm (L*W*H)
Production dimension